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Two videos

Two recent video interviews with the author of A Green Deal for the  Manchester-Mersey Bioregion:-
1) 1970s and now (ecological crisis and eco-action)

2) Steady State and “decoupling”


The wisdom of Robert Owen

Robert Owen, pioneer socialist and co-operator (and ethical entrepreneur):

Nature requires its own time to mature all things, whether mineral, vegetable, animal or mind and spirit.

– topical as we zoom past the safe operating margins for life on this planet.  It expresses three key rules of ecological economics:
2. Extract renewable resources like fish and timber at a rate no faster than they can be regenerated.
3. Consume non-renewable resources like fossil fuels and minerals at a rate no faster than they can be replaced by the discovery of renewable substitutes.
4. Deposit wastes in the environment at a rate no faster than they can be safely assimilated.
(number 1 is : Maintain the health of ecosystems and the life-support services they provide.)

and Owen again:-

The ever changing scenes of nature afford not only the most economical, but also the most innocent pleasures that man can enjoy.

– which recalls the buen vivir, or good living principles of the Andean indigenous movement.

Thanks to “Scottish Nature Boy” whose blog has photos of plaques with these quotations there: http://scottishnatureboy.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/signs-i-like-8.html )

Earth at tipping point – official

Yesterday the UNEP again warned that the earth is at tipping point.    The report reiterates what we already know, that several planetary boundaries have been crossed and others are at the point of being crossed.  That means disaster of course.  It is good to have this reminder from a highly respected body, but will the governments it addresses take any notice (other than the few like Tuvalu and Bolivia that have taken the question of ecological justice seriously)?

See: Morning Star short article.   UNEP pess release and link to the report. Background on Rockstrom’s concept of planetary boundaries: Wikipedia  Nature. Ecology and Society Rockstrom video and transcript.

Click to see diagram to illustrate where we are in terms of current limits.

See this Oxfam paper that combines Planetary Boundaries with foundations for adequate human development – really useful framework.