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Consumer culture and the crisis

Report from the Worldwatch Institute reported by the Guardian:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/jan/12/climate-change-greed-environment-threat

The average American (sic they mean UnitedStatesian) consumes more than his or her weight in products each day, fuelling a global culture of excess that is emerging as the biggest threat to the planet, according to a report published today. In its annual report, Worldwatch Institute says the cult of consumption and greed could wipe out any gains from government action on climate change or a shift to a clean energy economy.

No surprises here but useful to have this one to cite.   As we have argued (and see also John Bellamy Foster) this is the central problem – but it isn’t a matter of greed or even a cult of consumption – it is a matter of a capitalist system that requires endless production-consumption in the intersts of the treadmill of capital accumulation.  This is what has to stop – anything else is merely cosmetic because it does’t put out the fire beneath the planet.