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The Replacement Economy

The Replacement EconomyThe Replacement Economy (book)

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We are living in an ecological emergency and an economic crisis. This pamphlet brings together three contributions to what will have to become an ambitious but alternative strategy for real change in the way we all live. The three essays printed here start from the recognition that endless economic growth is not possible. Getting Started on the Economy also points to the incoherence of competition in the global economy as a national or regional economic strategy, sets out some alternative principles for building the replacement economy and suggests priorities for activists to help bring them about. Sustainability, Utopian and Scientific offers a constructive critique of what has become mainstream green economic thinking. Concepts for Bioregional Development is an attempt to synthesise a new integrated vocabulary for the new economics of social and ecological justice.

A Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion

A Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey BioregionA Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion (book)

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We are living in unprecedented times. At least three linked crises are coming together to threaten not only our accustomed standard of living and financial security, but also the resource base of the late 20th century economy and way of life, and the capacity and integrity of the earth’s natural systems on which we all depend. This conjuncture of crises requires urgent and drastic action that completely restructures the way we organise to produce and distribute the things we need to have worthwhile lives This has to be done fairly and sustainably. The following outline sets out a programme of action for the Manchester-Mersey bioregion. It argues that it is the bioregional level that provides the viable basis for a sustainable economy that can deliver well being for all, despite drastically reducing energy use. But this means replacing a strategy of competition in a global economy with one based on the principle of trade subsidiarity (strategic localism) and production for need.

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