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The Copenhagen verdict

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia,  on November 28, 2008: “As long as we do not change the capitalist system for a system based in complementarity, solidarity and harmony between the people and nature, the measures that we adopt [to save the planet] will be palliatives that will be limited and precarious in character.”


It is no longer a question of “Patria o Muerte” – but Life or Death for Humankind, Fidel Castro.

Fidel on the challenge of climate change

Fidel Castro has long been interested in the environment, repeatedly pointing out the unsustainability of he current globalised system of capitalism.   Here are some of his recent observations (October 2009) in the context of  Kobenhavn.

…..The issue is no longer “Patria o Muerte (Homeland or Death)”; it is truly and without exaggeration a matter of “Life or Death” for the human race.

The capitalist system is not only oppressing and plundering our countries; the wealthiest industrial nations wish to impose to the rest of the world the bulk of the burden in the struggle on climate change. Who are they trying to fool with that? In Copenhagen, the ALBA and the Third World countries will be struggling for the survival of the species.

Fidel Castro Ruz,        October 19, 2009

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Sustainability: Utopian and Scientific

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To make the move to a sustainable future where people are no longer threatened by an ecological catastrophe will require a number of things – above all a strong and broad movement with effective and intelligent leadership and an accurate understanding of the current problems and how they can be overcome.  Sadly only some parts of this constellation of forces is in place today.  In particular the green movement is not an effective political and social movement and the left is still in disarray, largely concerned with defensive politics and harking back to a world long gone.

As for ideas and analysis of the situation and what need to be done, some powerful critiques of the current economic orthodoxies have recently appeared that set out an alternative way in which the well being and prosperity of the population can be achieved and maintained.  However, these contributions are insufficient since they do not provide a sufficiently profound diagnosis of the causes of the problem.  Without such a diagnosis there can be no convincing prescription for a remedy.  But the situation is even worse than that.  There is also no convincing approach to obtaining the necessary changes.

The situation is not unlike that which Frederick Engels faced when he wrote “Socialism, Utopian and Scientific”
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Sustainability Utopian and Scientific

Walden Bello on the crisis.

Walden Bello (from Focus on the Global South) on Capitalism in crisis, regulation, the end of the neoliberal era, China and the need to go on the offensive to propose real and sustainable alternatives.  He makes a similar point to ours on the need to go beyond simply regulating the market.

This is a google machine translation of the original but it is reasonably good – at least you can get the gist.

Capitalism will not disappear unless we organize ourselves to have a different system.

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