A Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion

Not just climate and peak energy – but biodiversity as a limiting factor – for us


Yes what they are saying is basically that biodiversity is decreasing catastrophically – guess which species is in for a population crash.

“Humanity has fabricated the illusion that somehow we can get by without biodiversity or that it is somehow peripheral to our contemporary world: the truth is we need it more than ever on a planet of six billion heading to over nine billion people by 2050.”

“The Outlook warns that massive further loss of biodiversity is becoming increasingly likely, and with it, a severe reduction of many essential services to human societies as several “tipping points” are approached, in which ecosystems shift to alternative, less productive states from which it may be difficult or impossible to recover.”

“Potential tipping points analyzed for GBO-3 include:

The dieback of large areas of the Amazon forest, due to the interactions of climate change, deforestation and fires, with consequences for the global climate, regional rainfall and widespread species extinctions.”

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