Third runway plan crashes and burns – and here in Manchester what?

Third runway plan crashes and burns – Manchester’s turn now.

Heathrow’s third runway plan is to be ‘postponed after the general election’ – but we know that this damaging plan is very unlikely to happen now. Why would you want to build a runway anyway when oil prices are going to go through the roof and climate change makes it urgent to end the needless burning of fossil fuel by Britons who think they are entitled to foreign holidays far away (translation – entitled to impose their unattractive and ignorant selves on other peoples and their cultures)? Yes I have flown many miles but don’t know if or when I will next, despite my yearning to go back to Latin America.

But what about Manchester- let’s see this as encouragement to include aviation emissions in Manchester’s forthcoming Climate Change Action Plan, and more generally to start doing some serious work (NWRDA, 4NorthWest, AGMA, MCC, Govt Office for the NW) on the replacement economy for the region’s unsustainable but up to now profitable industries.


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