Time to involve more people in the project

So far the New Green Deal for the Manchester Bioregion project has been mostly one person’s work.  There have been very helpful comments and feedback from a growing number of people (which have been incorporated wherever possible) and others have  kindly endorsed the work and helped to publicise it.

It is now time to broaden our base.

This was always going to be a project that would not be restricted to one constituency, seeking to involve people in mainstream organisations and roles as well as  ‘movement people’  – engaging simultaneously with the initiatives of government (national and local), its QANGOS and independent organisations.   It cannot afford to be resticted to a marginal and largely oppositional movement because like it or not the only way change will happen is through engagement and cooperation.  The change is so urgent and so big in scale that there is no other way.  Luckily we are not alone in making these connections.

What we really need now is people who can advise on how to make these connections more effectively, people who can bring their expertise to the project – whether that is technical,  political,  organisational.

So if you’d like to be part of this project to promote transformation of the bioregional economic, social and ecological systems then do get in touch.  The most likely way forward is to set ourselves up as a think tank / networking hub, but if you get involved you can help shape the way we develop.  At this stage there is no master plan!



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